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Area Index Market Plan and Fractal Customer Value Growth Engine

We are simply known as Fractal.  We are a Analytics Company focusing on high impact Loyalty program, digital space optimization and advanced data mining designed to optimize your marketing ROI.

We are offering Fractal Customer Value Growth Engine which allows our clients to manage its valuable customers effectively. One of the main goals of a loyalty program should be to differentiate treatment for customer segments -- customer groups with similar value and transaction behavior.  By identifying the value and behavior of each segment, marketing activities can be customized for each segment which will:

–        Improve effectiveness of each activity,
–        Optimize budget,
–        Minimize risk and
–        Maximize program ROI

Segmentation can be instantly conducted by using our advanced and proprietary data mining methodology in order to segment the entire universe against your likely consumer profiles.

If this massive database is mathematically matched against internal sales information, It can elevate and generate of higher sales.  We will be able to know how many people (and what kind of people) earned high point reward and where they are located in kelurahan level! And we plot all these information into Area Index Marketing Apps in Digital MAP.

In the end, if you are looking for a comprehensive solution that will have long term business impact in these troubled times, we are confident we can deliver the right solution for you. We are, however, the one with the largest platform and intelligence able to ensure any execution will produce an optimum result.

After all, our strongest belief system at Fractal rests in the idea that digital media can not be conquered by digital technology alone. It requires more than that. It requires attitude and passion towards the new medium with brain power to match it. That is us.

We are certain, that new media, technology and advanced data driven strategy can assist you in making sure that every marketing dollar is counted towards generation of sustainable revenue and sales.




Reza Sjarif
Managing Director